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MedCom, Inc. Answering Service

MedCom, Inc. Answering Service

Welcome we are here to help make your life easier.


Welcome we are here to help make your life easier.


With Offices in South Carolina & Georgia

We pride ourselves on a proven answering service system that incorporates today's technology with yesterdays pleasantries. We capture all calls and professionally represent your business or practice. Receiving and relaying instructions, in a manner that helps your office. Interceding on your behalf, where typical calls are concerned, so you may concentrate on more complex procedures.  Maintaining efficiency and competitiveness with a constant focus on that lasting “First Impression”. Remaining open to changes and suggestions from customers and other companies, always watching for new but (proven) ways to better serve and Keep You Happy. Customers are paramount, and we care for the communities in which we serve. Continuously monitoring our staff to always provide professionalism, sincerity and well-mannered employees.  Supervisors and or Managers are available 24/7 if any problem arises. Exceptional customer service response to any questions or concerns. We continuously upgrade and insist on offering our customers the best “Live Answering Service” available.


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We love our customers and are always here to help anyway we can.

MedCom, Inc. Answering Service

3818 River Dr. Columbia, SC & 195 Hightower Dr. Martinez, GA.

Columbia:803-256-7960 Augusta:706-855-3500 Toll Free:1-800-849-1843

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